Ill-Advised Winter Hike 2016

December 28th, 2016: “Kinsman Mountain North Peak, elevation 4,293”

IMG_8475IMG_8477IMG_8478IMG_8488IMG_8492IMG_8511IMG_8514IMG_8525 (1)IMG_8527IMG_8547IMG_8565IMG_8567

The first two photos were taken with my phone camera before the battery ran out. The rest were taken with my friend Victor’s extra high quality picture-taking device. Apparently after last year’s hike I didn’t learn the lesson of wearing correct-sized boots and my toe yet again turned blue from hitting the front the entire way down. This was not the only mistake I made in terms of gear…suffice it to say I remained warm enough and had a flashlight when it was necessary.

On the way up we (there were three of us) sloughed through a foot and a half of snow and created the path up to the top. There are multiple trails that lead up to the peak, so other than two older men who passed us on the way up, the few other people we met had gone up other paths.

All in all, the temperature was colder and the trees more frost-laden than the previous year.


3 thoughts on “Ill-Advised Winter Hike 2016

  1. Hi John! Your photos are beautiful, but it looks really dangerous. The shapes of the trees are particularly appealing.
    Is your toe ok? No frostbite?

    • Hi Mrs. Babin, it wasn’t so dangerous (though last year’s was). Yes it was beautiful. No frostbite. Just a blue toenail, but fortunately it’s growing back.

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