Artist Statement

All the pleasures and comforts of life are already here. They are available to you immediately, and the people occupying space now live in a quiet balance between all the hungers that drive life onward. To remember what it was like to really be alive in the way our ancestors were alive, we need to reach back and reacquaint ourselves with loss. We need to know pain again. We must force ourselves to learn that pain and pleasure are nothing but signals—poor signals whose goal is growth. The end to which all life is aimed is pure, unadulterated, merciless growth. All the building blocks of life extend out from their source in all directions. Every line consumes its space because it is meant to consume. Words occupy mental territory. Every animal, every object, every cell. The rearrangement of matter. Rearrange all matter into harmony. Ignore your instincts for pleasure or pain, and design order out of chaos. Grow.


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