February 10, 2016

R: Have you seen the results of the New Hampshire primary?

P: No.

R: Well, the results were satisfying, unlike those of Iowa.

P: Oh? Did all the candidates die in a fire?

R: Not quite. But at least the establishment accepted a defeat on both fronts. Victories by wide margins by both Trump and Bernie. I’m not going to count my fascist chickens, but we may be looking at a Trump presidency.

P: On and on the wheel spins.

R: He’s going to build the wall!

P: Yeah….

R: I’m joking. Mostly. Anyway the uplifting thing is that there doesn’t appear to be a clear second behind him. Kasich somehow came in second, Cruz, the cringe-inducing winner of Iowa in third. Jeb, who is still in this for some reason in fourth, and thank God, Rubio, I mean Rubot, behind him.

P: Fantastic. So now we’ll have a Trump figurehead instead of…well, what we have now. Let me know when this has an ounce of effect on me and the people I care about.

R: Figureheads they may be, but the election is also a representation of a general will toward change. The youth in America are legitimatly disenchanted with their oligarchs. I think a new French Revolution is upon us!

P: Us? Only if you conceive of the United States of America as a nation that has real value. What do I have in common with ‘Americans’? Practically nothing. This society is so atomized that in order to experience real community I’ve had to carve one out for myself. There’s no “us.”

R: Oh, I absolutely agree that we’re too atomized and trivial in this culture, don’t get me wrong. But I have real hope that lots of Americans can become aware of the existential danger they face today and create a culture where they reaffirm the greatness of the American identity.

P: That’s just it; there’s nothing great about ‘America.’ America is not even a place, it’s just a big corporate entity. It wants as many buyers and as few costs as possible. There are some great things some people are able to accomplish, sure, but for what? You would save white suburban America from third world colonization….why? If ordinary people won’t defend their inheritance, fine, let them cheer the collapse while men like me prepare for it.

R: [Laughs] Collapse is a long way off though. You and I are only in our thirties, yet I’m fairly certain we’ll both be dead before some big ‘collapse’ occurs.

P: No, I disagree. Collapse happens first in the spirit. The West is so spiritually dead it’s pathetic. Remember what Nietzsche said; We have reached the age of nihilism when people can no longer answer the question “why?” On rare occasions when I listen to politicians, all I hear is them making dull promises about prosperity and safety. Am I really supposed to depend on these liars for anything? This is the dark age, and I want no part in it.

R: A dark age it is, but it’s going to have to come around. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The young are especially angry, because, like you, they see that the old have essentially spoiled the country that was handed to them. I think Trump, and even Sanders, are encouraging signs to that effect.

P: You grossly underestimate just how much can be absorbed into the dominant worldview. You think challenging the ‘establishment’ through the democratic process is going to change the world? Is it going to change your life?

R: If politicians who share my views take power, then yes. They could reverse the decline, and make America a country that’s safe and desirable for future generations. Politics is very important for that reason, though it of course isn’t everything.

P: The way you talk about these people just underscores for me how little any of this matters. You’re depending on other people to spread their message, and investing a hell of a lot of energy into watching something being done by men you will never meet. You’re living vicariously through a struggle that isn’t even real, because at the end of the day the rich will get richer, America’s founding stock will get replaced and you will have nothing to show for a so-called political victory.

R: But one has to start where one is. I know it isn’t terribly glorious for me to spend my time researching and sharing my ideas, but if there is a political victory, then I will have something to show for all the work I’ll have put in. And that’s much bigger than a Trump victory. It will take time.

P: Meanwhile I’m becoming stronger and obtaining actual skills here in the real world. In ten years, where will you be? Still writing and talking? What’s the use in saving your country if you devolve into a passive TV-watching blob in the process?

R: I’m going to do whatever I can to fight for what I believe, and I’m going to do that until I die. The way the deck is stacked in the modern world, you need political victory to take power. Fighting dark-age opponents means you need dark age weapons. Before one gets a shot at political power, one requires metapolitical shifts. This is why our golden-haired, deal-making friend is so extraordinary; the Overton Window has been pushed on immigration. The proles now have a gateway drug into right-wing ideas that they haven’t had since before we were born. They don’t even need to articulate what they really believe. Now they can just say “I like what Trump says” and that’ll settle it.

P: I see that. But what about fighting fire with water? Why become the evil you set out to destroy? I mean, it’s the inevitable fact of there being an establishment in the first place that I find repulsive. A suit-wearing class that has no relationship-not only to the people over which they rule-but even to the soil beneath them and the sky overhead. If Rome is falling, why build a new Rome? If something falls you push it, and I get the sense that all the voters you’re imagining will be pawns no matter what they believe. You can’t push the current in the other direction, but you can throw yourself in it and reap the reward of your far sight.

R: Then I suppose that’s where you and I will have to agree to differ. I want to save suburban, Christian America, for all its faults. That’s where I come from, and I’m going to do my part to make sure it survive.

P: Again, what you want to save contains its own poison. Survival requires adaptation. Saving the decadent bourgeois class from being squeezed by oligarchs and immigrants, by parasites above and below, will require destroying it. It’s own soft nature is what is causing its decline. The only thing that can ‘save’ men like you and me from the encroachment of the Third World is the revival of our tradition of violence.

R: But if what you said before is true; that mental decay precedes physical ruin, then I suppose the reverse is also true. The psychological power to speak openly again about the issues facing the right, the true political right, might precede action. The restoration of wealth, peace, and prosperity on the continent of North America.

P: Ah, but in end it won’t work that way. Spiritual strength will not come first. Wealth, prosperity and peace inevitably lead to apathy. Decay follows that. It’s struggle that makes a people strong. It’s war.

R: You do things your way, I’ll do them mine. Time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants, as Mr. Jefferson would add.

P: Absolutely. Go fight your war of words, and I’ll be circling overhead after the wall comes down.


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