Afternoon of 8/16

Well, I have now spent a considerable number of hours in a place I have never been before. That’s right; I went to IKEA. As I walked through the automatic sliding doors into the giant blue building, I passed through an invisible air conditioned wall, past a girl handing out big cheap yellow shopping bags, and followed the other masses of shoppers up the escalator. Yellow signs for this and that bed, lampshade, table, and other household items displayed prices and some words in Swedish. My goal had been to buy some bedsheets, but there was a comfy-looking couch and some Swedish books on a nearby bookshelf, so I figured why not sit down and (attempt to) read for a few minutes. “That which does not pass, within that which passes, it exists.” and time did pass fairly quickly. So I eventually I got up and located the sheets, and then got lost in the labyrinth of appliances, stuffed animals, comforters, and furniture. I switched up and down between the third and fourth floors before I finally figured out that I had to follow the signs, which of course forced me to walk around and (at least I assume this is the idea) be tempted to purchase more things as I passed them while weaving around the masses of slow-walkers. I paid for the sheets and then went to get food, since I was hungry. I got two pork pies, fresh out of the oven, and ate them as I walked back outside into the heat and humidity…



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