We Do What We Are

We do what we are ought to be the reigning philosophy taught to children in school and at home, not the other way around, which is what I think is done.

If we just say that our actions define who and what we are, then we have no explanation for someone’s behavior. We just end up either providing praise or criticism, and only when we sympathize with someone who behaves ‘selfishly’ do we come up with some vague explanation.

‘Free will’ is too flimsy a basis to be helpful when we want to explain someone’s behavior. It’s only use is to make those who do things we don’t like shoulder the responsibility for their actions as though their consciousnesses emerged in a vacuum. Western thought, be it Christian, humanist, Marxist or otherwise, likes to say that there is simply right and wrong, and that there intrinsic value in doing the right thing, even when irrespective of outcome. Out of this we get the meaningless concept of “to deserve” something, and justice for the sake of justice. Determining “fault” derives from this as well.

But if I say “Western Thought” is responsible for XYZ and don’t say what causes that, then I’m committing the exact same error.

Abstract thought is the Achilles heel of Europe moreso than for any other race, precisely because it is the defining characteristic of the evolutionary psychology of whites. For hundreds of thousands of years, the Homo Sapiens/Homo Neanderthalensis hybrids living on the European continent were required to plan ahead and think in ways which were not necessary in certain other parts of the world. All aspects of European thought are affected by what was once a need for superior future-time orientation, affecting our art, philosophy, language, and much more.

What European civilization needs to change about itself is its tendency to punish itself according to intrinsic ideals. Sometimes we have to violate those principles or suffer annihilation, lest our legacy be the brief flickering of Europe, before burning out and leaving nothing other than faint traces of smoke…

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