Poetry Reading

Modern Irish poet Paul Muldoon came to Fairfield University on Wednesday night for a reading.

Apparently he teaches poetry at Princeton, and otherwise makes a living from visiting different universities and doing readings. He made some comment about doing something (I think it may have been “involving the audience” or something like that, which he did) “through the course of the evening” and then felt it necessary to assure us that we wouldn’t be there all night.

But it went by fast, as Mr. Muldoon’s words and velvety (if that’s not too weird a metaphor to make) Irish accent accent made for a great reading. A lot of the poems had to do with growing up in rural Ireland, and doing work completely by hand. Some of his poems are intended as rock lyrics, and contain traditional “nonsense refrains.” One memorable refrain (technically not “nonsense”) was: “with a pink and a pink and a pinkie-pick” which would change each time, so that the next was: “with a clink and a clink and clinky-click.”

I decided to buy his book, and I even got it signed!


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