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Today was Sunday. Campus felt deserted, and my mind was contained in Giants in the Earth, a story about a Norwegian family’s migration and settlement in South Dakota in the late 19th century. It was assigned to me for class this week, and I think it’s my favorite so far. A professor of mine from last fall said that he prefers to read aloud whenever he can. Sometimes I do just that unknowingly, albeit rather quietly, and this time I found myself doing just that with the names, like “Hans Olsen” or “Sörine.” Norwegian sounds very nice.

And as in Norway, things begin to get chilly in late October, as I found when I was sitting outside the chapel. That’s where I sat for a little while, reading and listening.

It was a day for walking in between planes, over crunching leaves while the sun flickers in between the tall pines, of “examen.”

Sometimes when the frustration of the previous day overwhelms me; the vapidity of the people, their voices…it pushes me to move away, delve into my assignments, question the meaning and form of art and poetry, and learn about those who came before and about what once was.

Solitude calms.

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