A Light in October

Last Saturday was Head of the Housatonic. We did pretty well. It was my first head-race, which is 5 kilometers rather than the 2K’s that go on in the spring. It was also the first time in a while that I’ve rowed with the sun in the middle of the sky, and in warm weather. There was one day about a month ago when it was really humid and very hot, but that was a unusual. It was nice to have so much food prepared for us by parents, and it’s funny tasting real eggs and bacon when you’re so accustomed to the plastic stuff from the dining hall (speaking of which, there was recently some kind of forum about the dining hall food, because apparently a fair number of students are fed up with finding hairs on their plates. As one professor put it; it’s like feeding the Russian army).

I even wrote a poem about it, although it’s going to have to remain under wraps for now, since I used it for poetry class.

Here are some pictures. It’s easy to spot me since for some reason, I look as though I haven’t stepped foot outside in a long time…

I guess if I think about it, whenever I do go outside during the day, it’s only to walk from one building to another. When I’m outside for long stretches of time it’s because I’m rowing. Today when I went for a run, I did so at a time when the sun had just set. I guess this is one of those things I can afford to be apathetic about.

Conversely, I have to read A Light in August by Monday and another book by Thursday. I told an accounting major that I had a significant amount of homework, and he said; “See that’s your problem, for business classes you either go to class, or do the reading. You don’t have to do both.”

It may end up being a happy problem though. Maybe I should wander around the edges of campus and find that small meditation area some friends showed me three years ago, and if it’s during the day, I’ll finally soak up that sun.


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