…Floor slippery when wet.

Today I learned why you don’t run on the dock. When running back to the boat after putting my shoes back on, my legs slipped forward and I took a pretty good fall. Trying to act all macho, I got up quickly and got hands on to help lift the boat out. It hurt for a good 2 minutes before the pain subsided.

I’m happy to report that as of lunchtime, it has not negatively impacted my ability to function in society.

In other news, the business of homework has landed me with an essay due this afternoon and 2 due tomorrow, as well as a 10-15 page fictional story. I know I know, let’s all play the world’s smallest violin, and after all I am a Senior English major who chose to enroll in 6 courses this semester. Anyhow, victory is near, and the three-day weekend approaches. Plus I’m legitimately interested in all my courses so it’s all part of the plan.

In world news, it looks like President Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, largely for finding a way to prevent an attack by the United States against Syria. Even here in SWPL Fairfield Connecticut, I’ve recently met people with Syrian heritage who are glad to find that not everyone buys the propaganda.

Ok, back to the shadows with me, I’ve got literature to analyze.

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