Je me souviens

This time last year I was in the South of France, and yesterday I happened to look over some of the printouts and notes given to me and my fellow Marchutz students. They are likely the most useful and thought-provoking pieces of paper I possess. One of them is a quote from Canto XXXIII of Dante’s Paradiso:

“Oh grace abounding, wherein I presumed to fix
my look on the eternal light so long that I
wearied my sight thereon!
Within its depths I saw ingathered, bound by love
in one volume, the scattered leaves of all
the universe;
substance and accidents and their relations, as
though together fused, after such fashion that
what I tell of is one simple flame”

We discussed this in class two times, the first of which was during the candle discussion.

Yesterday I also came across a youtube channel with videos about studying abroad at IAU in Aix.

Of all the videos I think this is the best one, and its about the Marchutz school’s professors.

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