People of Boston: Part 5

On Wednesday I met a man named George. He told me he was from Georgia. He talked with an accent, so I figured he meant the country. “Georgia the state.” “Oh.” “But I moved there from Georgia the country.” “Ah.” “…while George Bush was president.” He then revealed a small trinket (I’m not sure if it was a necklace, or what) which read “St. George” on it. During our conversation he told me that he knows 5 languages: Georgian, English, Russian, Italian, and a fifth one that has something to do with the Argonauts (?). He also is familiar with all 3 of Georgian’s alphabets, the most recent of which is a thousand years old. Most people in Georgia have different interests, apparently.

Also on Wednesday, an Arab kid dressed in a religious garb (like I imagine an imam wearing) and sunglasses sat down near me and started singing along to music on his Ipod while bobbing his head. A few minutes later another Arab kid holding a video camera appeared from behind me and the two of them told me (in perfectly accented English) they were filming for a prank that would later be uploaded to youtube. I don’t know how amusing my reaction was, since all I did was fist bump the singer and keep watching him, but I may end up on the internet at some point.

It was hot all day. It was hot for days after that, though I was fortunately not outside for most of the time during the following few days.




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