People of Boston: Part 3

This morning I wandered through the city for 40 minutes or so, and since it was Sunday there were a lot of tourists. I happened across a man playing an instrument I had never seen before, outside the old statehouse. I sat down on a bench across the street and started drawing him. After 20 or so minutes I had done a few drawings and I decided to walk over and put 2 dollars in a hat by his feet. I gave him the last drawing after he took a picture of me holding it. He told me the instrument is a hurdy gurdy and that this particular one had been made for him in France thirty-two years ago “almost to the day.” It is based on a model from the 17th century. I later found out that the man is named Donald Heller. You can learn about him here and here and here.

In the afternoon I met various students who are pushing through the mires of job-hunting and student-loans. They were all either chemistry, pre-med, or physics majors. I got to meet another Iranian woman, although I didn’t really get to ask her anything interesting.

It was a very hot day. The sunburns have been kept at bay, at least for now.

IMG_1524 IMG_1527


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