People of Boston: Part 2

On Thursday I met two Syrian Christians in Copley Square who were very active volunteers for charity and often donated blood and platelets. Apparently their brother was having his college orientation that day so I talked to them for a few minutes.

On Tuesday I met a guy who used to donate to various animal charities, but stopped giving to PETA after finding out that they kill most of the cats they take in (which I had discovered myself a few months ago). He wants to start his own organization which he wants to call “Feline Foundation” and focus on helping cats rather than spending money on legal issues.

Also on Tuesday I met a guy who skateboards around and sells his artwork on the street. There are a few of these guys here and there. His paintings put cartoons from pop culture into famous images. For example, DaVinci’s Vitruvian ManĀ replaced by Doug Funnie.

I got to speak some German and French to tourists yesterday (if I knew Spanish it would really help), including a dad and his son who didn’t know any English.



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