People of Boston: Part 1

Today I met a man from Eritrea. He was sitting on a bench. I couldn’t understand him too well, but the basics are that he fled Eritrea to avoid violence. He went to Sudan and flew from there to the United States. Apparently he has half-Italian cousins.

I met a tall Colombian man who was visiting for a few weeks. I met a Chinese woman who studies urban planning at MIT. I asked her if she was at least 21. She was actually 31.

I saw a car crash near that bench I mentioned earlier. A little “fender-bender” as some might say. I met a man who saw this crash and had just seen a bicycle collision “three steps” prior. He now believes that he causes crashes by his mere presence, and that he can profit off of this by talking to people when they crash and deciding whose fault it was. He shook my hand multiple times.

On a different bench I met a guy who thinks that “Black Sabbath and some bud” are they keys to a great day. He is homeless and owns a motorcycle. He was wearing a leather jacket, which he said he found in a thrift store. “I just went in and put it on”. The thing is, his (now ex) girlfriend brought it there just to spite him apparently. All his other stuff too. After I left he laid down and went to sleep.

Today I learned that if people are going somewhere, they’re usually late for it.


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