Division 1 Varsity Benchwarming

This weekend the rowing teams drove a short 40 minutes over to Shelton CT for the Sacred Heart Invitational. The regatta lasted Saturday and Sunday mornings, and there was excellent parent support, which meant primarily a variety of food, and a lot of it.

The weather was very nice the first day, with a clear sky, little wind, and relatively warm weather. The women performed very well both days, and as two of the coaches put it, they’ve just made themselves a huge target for the other teams. The men’s team by contrast was less competitive, though 4 of the freshmen got a close second in their race. I learned soon after arriving on Saturday that I would be racing 2-seat on the freshman 8 the next day, so I wouldn’t row that day.

However, Sunday arrived, and we learned that due to the wind, all the races were being rushed forward, presumably to avoid the wind causing problems and having boats flip over. Apparently it is the fire department that decides this rather than the race organizers. When it got close to 11am, they cancelled the last 3 races (including an already mixed group which would have pitted us against the women’s team).

So in the end, my role was merely to help load and unload boats, carry oars, sit around reading The Death of Ivan Ilych, and eat hamburgers. When we got to Norwalk to re-rig the boats, we discovered that the trailer was not there. So we waited while the bus got gas, and we were picked up by a different boat and brought  back to campus. It was there that we found the van….missing a tire. So a few hours later we reassembled and loaded the boats onto a different trailer and then drove to Norwalk and re-rigged and then drove back.

IMG_1348 IMG_1351 IMG_1359 Also, here are some photos of our last regatta. I am in the ones titled “Fairfield University Second Varsity Eight.”


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