I spent this past weekend in Barcelona. 10 of us rented 2 cars (ours was a Mercedes) and drove there from Aix.

The only full day we had there was Saturday, and it just so happened that it was the second day of rain this year.  And rain it did, quite a bit. I hadn’t packed an umbrella, but luckily Barcelona has hordes of Indian guys who go into stores and buy things and then re-sell them to people on the street for more, and I was offered an umbrella for 5 Euros.

I actually got lost and had to ask multiple people for directions in Spanish. This is problematic for 2 reasons, the first being that I can’t really speak or understand Spanish, and the second is that Barcelona speaks Catalan, which is slightly different than Spanish (they say grathias instead of gracias for example). I had to say “Disculpe, donde esta el….” (excuse me, where is the…) dozens of times.

I wanted to go inside La Sagrada Familia but the line was way too long. I met up with some of the other Americans and we went to the Picasso museum. I recall that his painting The First Communion was particularly impressive.

Dinner on Saturday was some pizza and 6 tartas, which for the most part were new to me as well as tasty. Something called Sangria is also popular in Spain, which is essentially fruit punch and wine. The French by contrast, would consider this a grave sin…

In short, Barcelona is a good place to visit, but not a place I’d like to live. Even if there is no rain for 363 days a year.


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