Nice & Monaco

Remember the guy who told me he was a fan of occupy? Well I ran into him again outside the political science school! Turns out he’s German, and we walked and conversed for a while yesterday (in case you’re reading this, hi Okan!).

This past weekend IAU went on an excursion to Nice.

Nice has an unusual combination of cleanliness and population density. No stepping in dog feces there. And it’s not just the ground; the water is a pristine turquoise. We were told that the beach is popular until November. It was great weather for swimming. Which we did.

Think of “the black waters of Maine”. Now imagine the exact opposite of that. Not cold at all. But there was one downside: no sand. The whole beach was rocks, so every step was painful. You might say the Mediterranean Sea and I have a……………………………………………..rocky relationship.

I ate mussels for lunch. Then walked up a big hill to observe a big artificial waterfall, and then look down over the coast and at all the fancy houses. So then we went to our hostel and ate dinner (cocktails were included in the hors d’oeuvres, so some people decided to get refills 8 or 9 times). Then we got dressed up and went to Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo. I didn’t do any gambling, but I saw a couple guys leave with more money than they came with (and one guy lost about 400 Euros).

The cars were luxurious. That’s all I can really tell you about the cars, other than that one of the coolest ones was red.

We spend the next day exploring Monaco, doing touristy stuff and admiring the scenery. Also I spent way too much money on a minuscule amount of gummy bears and gelato.

When I was in a cathedral and looking at a statue, a guy walked up next to me, took a picture, and then moved on to the next thing. I made it one of my goals not to do that. I did take pictures though, so be patient (I’m using a school computer).

Some of you might be wondering what I’ve actually been doing academically…stay tuned, I’ll divulge some of that in the coming days.


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