Premier Jour en France

Well today I have begun my semester abroad in Aix-en-Provence France!

I arrived at the Paris airport at 6:15ish (that’s 1:15am for you Eastcoasterners) then had to quickly go through security to find my flight to Marseille. An Indian man kept asking me where his gate was, but I was just as confused as he was. Anyone on a connect flight had to go through a maze to find their correct gate. I asked one airport official whether I should follow a group that was walking by quickly and his response was: “Hurry up, they’re moving fast.” So I asked if it was the right group to follow, and again he says: “They’re going fast, go!” So I caught up to them, then realized I never should have followed them and turned around. Signs are always better to follow than people.

So finally at 8:45 I arrived in Marseille (although my body and brain still thought it was 2:45am) and met with a woman who brought me to my correct bus. So I took the bus to Aix-en-Provence, where my hostess found me, drove me around for a little while, and brought me to her house. And then she needed to go shopping. So within 45 minutes of meeting her, I found myself alone in the house. It’s a really nice house. My roommate won’t show up for another week, so for now I get a room, shower, and sink to myself.

I think I might explore the city this afternoon, and there are guests coming later!

Here are 3 pictures I took as the plane was landing in Marseille. DON’T PANIC. There will be more later on (from the ground, not the sky).


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