Not much going on lately. I know you’re supposed to start these things with an interesting sentence, but you can’t expect me to be at the top of my game all the time. Also full sentences.

German school this past Saturday was about as much fun as always. Only 7 kids showed up this time, that is until one girl, who apparently had left soccer practice, showed up about 45 minutes late…funny how since she’s the trouble maker, the class seemed to double quintuple in size after she arrived.  The teacher gave them each a blank report card, so that they could fill in how they thought they were doing in each category, so naturally most of them were exceedingly generous in grading themselves, while soccer girl have herself an F on everything. Which for the teacher, who needs to determine grades, is not helpful. But from her point of view I think it’s actually good strategy. The vocab list for this week was disappointing; the only word I had forgotten how to say was: “refrigerator”. Which, according to The Daily Show, 99.6% of poor people in America own. Which logically must mean that some 160-something% of poor people in Germany own a refrigerator…

Speaking of godless communist Europe, (for those of you who don’t have an art history professor who makes you actually stay in touch with reality), presidential candidate Hollande is the favorite for the upcoming final round of the election. Which means that this fall I’ll probably be experiencing: continued use of the perfectly reliable and infallible Euro, and as many réfrigérateurs as the taxpayer can provide.

On Thursday I made a quick presentation on my one of my “strengths”. It was just me talking for a few minutes, but I managed to talk about Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, newspapers, random facts and information, and I quoted JRR Tolkien in a British accent (the accent thing was a bad idea…the class took a while to get the giggles out).

Someone in my History of Modern China class was surprised to receive an email at 12:06am from the professor, saying; “did you know he’s up at odd hours?” She then went on to say how she had read this email at 6am…I guess some people have different definitions of what “odd hours” are…the University library is open until midnight 5 days a week. And for that, I am very glad.


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