Yesterday I ventured into NY to the Whitney once again. I had to find interesting things about which to write my reaction. The pieces themselves are incredibly dull, btu some of the stories behind them are rather interesting. One of the pieces for example was just three long thin wooden blocks, with a plastic-like material making a net. It was probably 25 or so ft wide, and 15 ft tall (just a rough guess). Behind it was some space, and then the wall. That’s it. Then I looked at the title: “Sick Sic Six Sic ((Not)Moving): Seagullsssssssss ssssssssssssssssss” . The 29 year old artist made it as a way of coping with his inability to comprehend the deaths of 6 people he knew.

Another artist is a Native American who allegedly slew FBI agents (I think that’s what the tour guide said). This artist makes and sells paintings from prison, about natural environments in America. The painting I saw was of horses, amid a grassy area, by a river, with pine trees and some snow covered mountains. It looked like something I could have done, with some practice. The horses eye, which is the focal point of it, took some skill. The clouds meanwhile, could have been done by a 5 year old.

Too bad I wore my jacket…it was way too hot. Also I’d forgotten that the particular pear of jeans I’d been wearing do not fit me…so I had to keep pulling them up. These are the grueling challenges I deal with on a daily basis…

I ate a hot dog…walked around central park. On the train home I was privileged to overhear a loud young man (mid 20’s probably) with long hair (and a shirt with a Skateboard logo on it) offer a variety of his philosophical views to his friend (who was audible, but was unfortunately lacking his friend’s fervor and decided to use his indoor voice). I, and any nearby passengers, heard stories about pregnancy, his treatment of female acquaintances, his attitudes in interacting respectably with other young gentlemen, and other such matters. He was just about to explain why he doesn’t “think in the same way as everyone else”, but alas, the train arrived at Fairfield station and I set out to walk back to campus, where the last stretch of my sophomore year of college shall take place.

Except for Easter, which is in like 2 and a half weeks.

Also I have been dabbling into Spanish for the fun of it. I can now say a variety of things such as “Would you like to buy shoes at that store or this one?”, “This book costs fourteen pesos and 15 cents”, and “My husband feels dizzy. Can you call a doctor?” It’s a bit strange that the program I’ve been using uses a male voice for that last one….but gay marriage is legal in some Spanish speaking countries…..maybe there’s some liberal Spanglish conspiracy I don’t know about.

I begin my new course “History of Modern China” tomorrow evening!!! I’m glad I’m finally learning more about the history our current/future economic competitors/bankers. I hope the future sees more Ai Weiweis. Maybe me…minus being Chinese and being detained for speaking out against my government.

Today is Monday, so free* food in Loyola after mass.


*My building does the same, only Loyola’s probably has more attendees, and they usually have one or more person sing. Also Bellarmine doesn’t share its post-mass cuisine (pizza) with outsiders.




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