Super Tuesday

On Sunday afternoon I ventured over to the Pepsico theatre: a small white building about half the size of a house. At this magical place I bore witness to three plays, performed by fellow students, each of which was a half an hour. The first was about two guys competing over a girl, and while one of the guys wore a tie and had a job and stuff, the other guy had more difficulties. I didn’t quite follow all of it, but basically it had to do with the aftermath of 9/11, and the fourth character was an Afghani woman in the second man’s mind.

The second play began with a boy and girl character. They played their parts well, and as a result it was hilarious (imagine two 20 year olds acting like 11 year olds). The dialogue got a little tedious in my opinion. They later grow up and deal with having had separate lives.

The third play was about a girl whose boyfriend was going into the marines. She gets mad at him about it. At the end he reveals he’s gay.

All of the plays had multiple references to contemporary society, with gratuitous references to Facebook, 9/11, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Craigslist.

I looked over and noticed a couple who, about halfway through, were quite fed up with the whole thing. They were the snobbiest looking people I have ever seen. They were just like cartoon characters–especially the husband. He was wearing the stereotypical sweatervest, fancy watch, and expression that seemed to say “I expected a university level performance to be of the utmost highest quality.” …or something like that. They stuck it out, anyhow. I think the wife convinced him to stay, though her expression carried one of annoyance as well.

Tonight was the infamous Socrates Café! The discussion was “Prejudice: Can we think without it?” I’m not sure how or if we ended up answering the question, but we did at one point talk about whether prejudice was simply a matter of recognizing patterns. We also talked about the views the Spanish conquistadors had/may have had about the indigenous peoples of the Americas and vice versa. One of the students there talked about his Mexican ancestry so that made it interesting. Me being me, I brought up the possibility of an evolutionary cause for prejudice (the discussion lingered on racial prejudice,   but there are naturally a million other ways we employ “prejudice” in our daily lives) seeing as I essentially think that evolution pretty much explains just about everything we need to know. As my exceptionally quirky sophomore biology teacher said on the first day: “You gotta get excited about biology. This is everything…it’s life!!!”

But I digress…After Socrates, Fairfield’s improv team, Your Mom Does Improv performed in Loyola (the building I spent half my time, yet I don’t actually live there). They were pretty funny, I give them a solid B+. At one point, they would have 2 people act out a scene based on a word, and then do it again twice using two genres, provided by the audience. Now, because I’m sick and enjoy suffering, I shouted “documentary!”. And they did it!

I’m now writing a play about 2 white blood cells who try to teach a parasite skills and manners. By the way it’s an allegory and they’re actually homo sapiens and neanderthals. The point is to have a play where nothing happens, so eventually all the characters will lose their memories. Coming to a theater near you (*or theatre for my more British fans) hopefully someday, after I eventually add plot, and upwards of 3 pages.

So I guess you could say that my Tuesday was….super. Can’t say the same for Ron Paul  : (


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