This weekend my building spent 24 hours on a retreat at the Interfaith Wisdom House in Litchfield CT. It was here that we grew as a community, became a family, etc. etc. etc.

We were told that the building was haunted. Apparently 20 year-olds are not too old to be afraid of ghosts (I think the idea was, that there are wax statues of nuns on the fourth floor, and that the nuns are actually alive and inside the wax…I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t go to the fourth floor…). We heard two of our fellow residents speak about inspiring things. We split up into groups and shared “embarassing stories”, and then one representative from each group shared his/her story. You always know when a story starts with either “I decided to drink 10 sodas…” or “I was wearing…” that it’s going to be funny.

We also did an activity with balloons…and then popped the balloons…and then picked them up. Also we each painted canvases with whatever we wanted (the idea being that we ask ourselves questions about who we are, who influences us, and so on), seeing as we are Creative Life. There were some very minimalistic ones (a smiley face, an American flag), and also some I thought looked nice, which tended to be more abstract. My own was the image of a woman spearing a bloody figure on the ground with a swirly red/purple/orange background. Also some preferred to make collages instead…

The last activity we did then next morning, in which everyone sits facing outward, and then the ones standing in the middle of the circle tap the shoulder of the people sitting. They tap someone based on a statement, such as “You taught me something this weekend”, “you made me laugh”, or “you’re a good friend”. Then those in the middle sit down and new people replace them. Of course, it was slightly rigged, since the RA’s reading the statements could also participate. I wished when I stood up that I knew more people, so I could tap them on the shoulder….which makes me wonder, how the people who tapped me on the shoulder knew who I was…….



One thought on “Wisdom

  1. JP
    Seriously, quit school and join the Marine Corps. Get some weapons training so you can blow these people away (if that becomes necessary). No more touchy-feely with ugly girls…or guys. Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

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