It’s February

As I left my dorm today, I realized a T-shirt and shorts would have been more appropriate attire. But being stubborn in my wardrobe decisions, I pressed onward, and was one of the few to enter Playwriting class with punctuality.

We were supposed to write our own version of Cinderella. My characters had Sanskrit names, and there were jousting matches instead of a ball, and the king is a bearded obese man. Also there’s some magic, but no fairy godmother. We also did an exercise to try and see what kinds of plays cannot physically be portrayed on stage. The point was that actors can portray anything, even if it’s bizarre or impossible. There was one exception though, since it involved the death of the audience (NOT me). Mine involved deviating from the laws of gravity, as well as a giant tree that swatted airplanes out of the sky…the class naturally decided that this was mundane enough to be possible.

Art class for me was a lot of squiggly lines, interwoven with straight lines. I hope to put my college artwork on flickr at some point…I’ll post it here if that ever happens.

Tonight I’m going to church….but don’t get too excited. It’s for a lecture on Christianity and feminism.

We read CANDIDE for comedy class. We also watched different musical interpretations.

I wrote an article for the Fairfield Mirror, which y’all can read here.


More Art History fun facts (that I recently learned but you may know already):

The NEA‘s budget from the federal government is $162,000,000. By comparison, the military’s is $800,000,000,000 (which sometimes goes over just a tad).

St. Peter is buried in St. Peter’s Basilica.

“Pontif” which refers to the Pope, comes from the Latin for “bridgemaker”.


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