Recap end of 2011

It’s now  the spring semester here at Fairfield. Of course that means that the fall is over, the most important aspects of which I shall now attempt to remember.

The German school classes each made a presentation in front of their parents/grandparents in the auditorium. My class was merged with the lower group (so kids about 8-12 years old) and sang a German version of Frosty the Snowman (“Frosty der Schneemann”). They had practiced for half an hour each week for 6 weeks. They never really got it right. The performance was alright, but the microphones were not in the right places, and since a lot of the kids didn’t end up learning the lyrics…it didn’t sound too great. The teach of our class said to me “well, at least now it’s behind us.”

My last sociology class was supposed to involve a quiz…instead our professor asked us to “quiz her”, by which she meant for us to ask her questions about…sociological things. At one point she wanted us to share our thoughts on the course. After a few people shared their thoughts, she looked at me and said “John, I know you have things to say.” I was sitting in the second row (of about 5 I think) and said I thought that sociology was a lot of smart people getting everything all wrong. For some reason, that drew some reactions.

My figure drawing class ended up with me getting a few good drawings done, finally having thrown off the habit of making the subjects’ legs “too small”.

I ran a road race downtown, in which there were I think 700 participants. This was the first of what will become an annual event. The other members of the running club were also present. I got a time of 19:30, which is not terrible, but of course there’s room for a lot of improvement. I came in I think 20th overall, 2nd for males age 19-29. I got a nice big shiny trophy, and my picture taken. I don’t know where the picture is, but whoever looked at it, likely saw a very tired and messy haired young man with a red jacket (it’s not a jacket but I have no idea what the name of it is, anyway it keeps me warm) bearing the name Melrose, whatever that is.

So I learned things and taught things. They always told us (“they” vaguely refers to various adults who repeatedly beat children over the head with the same information, more than they probably realize) that “you remember 90% of what you teach.” I question the science there, because if I forget the German word for “pear” one more time (it’s “Birne”, I just looked it up), I am going to unleash my frustration on the German school children by sending them into the hallway (which I actually need to do more often).

Happy 2012, hopefully there’s someone out there who will actually skip desert this year (or exercise 3 days a week, or practice yoga, or read a book about conspiracy theories, or whatever that resolution happens to be)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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