Don’t stop the bop…

We’d almost forgotten it completely, but now it’s back: “Stop the Bop” has returned this year. Whenever anyone goes to the dining hall after 10am, they are treated to the song “Doo – wop” repeatedly. At least it’s a different version this year. The point of this is to collect money for a New Orleans trip, so if they get a certain amount of money, they’ll stop (spoiler alert: I think we’ll be listening to the song until the staff gets fed up and starts playing Christmas music…at least that’s what happened last time).

A couple of weeks ago my German professor was unable to teach her class on Saturday, so I took the task of teaching the kids by myself! These kids absolutely did not want to focus on learning how to say „Ich habe zwei Brüder und eine Schwester“ (“I have two brothers and one sister”). Instead they focused their youthful energies on stealing paper clips and bingo chips. There was one kid who was able to whistle and make everyone be quiet, so naturally he became my assistant. He also passed out papers, and reminded me to read the new vocabulary list aloud. So I survived, and my professor was appreciative. Win-win-win (except for all the parents who futilely send their kids to this place…).

[Insert generic comment about New England weather.]

Due to the fact that I am taking a figure drawing course, I have been asking friends if I can draw them. Some react with enthusiasm, while others say yes, and then move constantly while I am drawing as if to say “I agreed to this not to be rude, but I am going to make this as difficult as possible for you.” All in all, I’ve got a couple good ones here and there. I’ll likely take pictures of them at some point.

Socrates Café talked about forgiveness a few weeks ago, during which I tried to convince my professor that the idea of there being a “legitimate reason” for something is silly (rather than there simply being a “reason”. I argued people assume a greater amount of choice in other people’s actions than actually takes place, but that’s just my opinion). She gave the example of a kid who comes home late because he was having too much fun as a “non-legitimate reason,” while coming home late because the car broke down would be a “legitimate” reason. From my point of view, both would be reasons which caused him to be late, the difference holding importance primarily only in whether the parents should feel offended that he came home late (which then requires the act of disregarding curfew to be defined as an insult to the parents directly). Anyway, most recently the discussion was on pornography, which I was lucky enough to be chosen to define… We ended up just talking about movies after some people left, which was not so entertaining.

I may be running a 5K on Sunday, so stay tuned…




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