We are the 53%

Well sophomore year of college continues.

Here are some things I remember about my first month and a half:

I began as an assistant at the German School of Connecticut in Stamford, on Saturday mornings. The obnoxious brats cherubs I’m keeping in line are about 10 or 11 years old. There are about 15 of them, though only about 3 are actually interested in learning German. I’m also learning some news words, so win-win-win.

The Thursday before last, my English class went into NY to see a interview with Art Spiegelman, who is in interesting guy.

At Socrates Café we’ve discussed Peace (which naturally turned into a discussion about foreign oil and Al Qaeda), and Morality (which as you may have guessed, turned into a discussion on cannibalism and the Amish).

I did some drawings in art class.

The Running Club is up and running (my legs are sore, and I recently discovered just how terrible I am at push ups…), as is the Card Playing Club, which is a club that meets a couple times a week to play Magic the Gathering. I’m still learning how to play, but I’ll be a master soon enough.

Meanwhile the great unruly masses continue to swarm Wall Street. Here’s an interview a friend of mine gave about it. I feel fairly neutral toward the whole thing, but it seems interesting. There are apparently some people who don’t like it (the “53%” who supposedly pay the taxes in the US for everybody else).


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