Summer 2011/Sophomore Year

If you were waiting on the edge of your seat to find out about the next chapter in my college experience, your wait is now over.

For those of you who don’t know, I did a few things this summer: I worked as a legal assistant, my (former) German exchange partner stayed over my house for a month, and I took a course called “The Artist and the Book” at BU. Adventures included (but were not limited to): going to the beach, a Red Sox game, Madrid Maine, New York, eating too much (many?) cannoli, getting lost in Boston (more than once), traveling in trucks, and camping. I’ve also begun meditation, and have been running more.

After a visit from our friend Irene, and the delay of Fairfield’s move-in by six days, I finally moved in to 42 Bellarmine Road (if you want to nitpick, it’s pronounced as if there were no “e” on the end, like the Saint‘s name, but I don’t think very many people are aware of that).  The rooms are quads, but since one of my roommates never showed up, we have a triple. So it’s three dudes in a pretty big room with a bathroom, an extra dresser, an extra desk, an extra mattress, and closet space. I did of course bring my TV, but it feels so small in this room…at any rate, most of my time is spent at other locations. Which is annoying since my building is far away from everything else. Classes began yesterday (Tuesday), and a busy day it was. Here is the gist of what I did:

Got up at 7:20, went to Student Computing Services at 8:30am, got my internet up and running, then Philosophy class. My professor already knows me from Socrates Café, and it looks like it will be enjoyable, so all I need to do is not be an idiot and I should get an A+ (and this professor does give A+’s). Next was German composition, in which there are only about 12 of us sitting around a table. After spending all of 10 minutes going over the syllabus, we got right down to explaining the different types of character description we’ll be using, and learned adjectives we’ll be needing. Then was sociology. I’m not crazy about the professor, but she seems nice, and is excited about the subject. She speaks multiple languages (she is originally from Suriname ), and told us she has finally thrown off the habit of confusing English with Dutch. After looking through the book a bit, the book seems to be about everything interesting. Then straight from there to Figure Drawing, which was an hour and a half of explaining the expectations, then a half hour of looking at pictures of art, and then we began drawing skeletons. Then I had a little time to get something to eat and head back to Bellarmin(e) where we had our “Meet your Mentor” dinner. We were separated into groups and made to trade phone numbers and email, and each mentor explained to his/her respective group how we would meet once a month to foster our creativity and so forth. Then later some friends and I played a game (I don’t know what it’s called) in which each player writes 3 phrases on a small piece of paper, folds it, puts it in a pile. There are 2 teams (a few on each side), and each have 60 seconds to get his/her teammates to correctly say the phrase, without using any of the words in the phrase. The first phase involves words (“the old English word for things people wear on their legs” = “pantaloons”), and then later you need to act it out, and in the last phase you can only make a single noise. The team that gets the most wins. Some of the highlights were “Zimbabwe” (I had this when we could only use a sound, so I clicked my tongue and my friend guessed it instantly), “Hitler was compensating I’m sure”, “Do mute people talk in their sleep? No.” and “Spongerobert Squarepantaloons.”

Today is an easy day. It’s been raining almost constantly.


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