“For Funsies”


I returned to Fairfield on Monday, to find that during my absence the whole campus had turned into a giant garden (ok I’m exaggerating but there is a multitude of flowers).

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my trip to Germany…

On Wednesday, there was an event called “Jail n Bail.” The idea is that someone could pay $5 to have someone else “arrested”, and then the person who gets arrested needs to raise money in order to obtain their freedom. My roommate had me arrested. There were pieces of paper (“warrants”) which had the name, location, and reason for arrest. The reasoning behind my arrest was “for funsies.”So I was brought before a judge, who asked me where I was from. I told her Melrose (perfect opportunity to make something up and I messed up) and she told me my bail was $47. So I started to make phone calls.

A few people gave me money, and eventually I had enough to say that I’d made an honest attempt. Five students started a band, so they played while we wished for our freedom. When someone asked me what I was in for, I told him I was innocent. “Everyone’s innocent” was his response. Someone else’s reason was: “for having picture-perfect hair.” I got a T-shirt, but it was extra large so I gave it to a friend whose dad is 6’2. The money was for Special Olympics Connecticut.

And then Friday happened. Once a year the school has an event called “Relay for Life.” I had seen many posters and read many emails concerning this particular event, but I thought nothing of it. Then I realized that I had a lot of friends there. In the middle of Fairfield’s campus is a traffic circle, which is where the event was. I wasn’t there for the beginning, but it mostly consisted of people selling things at their respective tables/tents, and walking around the traffic circle for hours. The purpose behind all of this was cancer awareness, and it ended up raising over $40,000, which is not too shabby.

At around 10:30pm there was a fire show (or whatever you call it), during which four guys played with fire. They juggled torches, doing a variety of impressive tricks. They would toss the torches to each other while juggling them, and sometimes would jump through the fire. At one point they chose a girl from the audience to participate (don’t worry, this part of the act wasn’t dangerous). At one point the guy with dyed-red hair (which was shaped like fire) told us all to find what we’re passionate about, and to enjoy it live it learn it love it. He also ended up being the guy to hand out stickers when the show was over.

I walked and conversed with some friends throughout the night, just because. All the guys had pretty much left, so it was basically me and a bunch of girls (and also the guy to whom I’d given the T-shirt earlier).

And today is Clam Jam. This is a huge party on the beach to which most of the campus goes every year. According to what I’ve heard (and an email we all received), there are always arrests, vandalism, fights, etc. I was awoken today by loud music down the hall, and people talking/yelling. Now everything is silent. Is it surprising that the same people who stayed up all night for a cancer-awareness fundraiser are (for the most part) the same ones who are not going to clam jam? I shall take this opportunity to do some studying, read a book, go for a run, and eat…wherever I feel like. Maybe I’ll say hi to the janitor (actually I think he gets weekends off…).

Finals are soon, and to that I say: bring it on.


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