Can’t think of an interesting title

So today I realized that there is actually a website which contains all the articles for Fairfield’s newspaper:

Other things happened today too; for example I had Chinese food for dinner, I wore a T-shirt and shorts all day, and my hallmates are obnoxious.

But in the realm of unusuality , three things are noteworthy.

Firstly, in English class we watched a documentary called “Young @ Heart,” which is about a group of elderly people (the average age is eighty) who sing rock songs. My guess is that it fits into the theme of “U.S. Diversity” although I don’t really think it counts…The documentary follows the gang as they try to get the lyrics and rhythm correctly.

Later, I went to “Calculus: The Musical” which as one might imagine, is bizarre. There was one actor and one actress. They sang, they danced, they told jokes, and taught us all about Newton and some important formulas to remember.

And finally, I went to another building, at which I found the 3 gentlemen with whom I will be living next year. We will be living in room 304, which I surmise is something about which to be elated, judging by the reactions of my future roommates. They seem nice enough, so I’m sure we’ll get along. Three roommates…that’ll be interesting.


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