Well it’s been another week here in the tri-state area, and it’s been cold and windy. Except for today, during which it was warm and sunny šŸ˜€ And then tonight there’s THUNDER. There’s something comforting about the thunder, as though some invisible force is demonstratingĀ  its superiority (and thus our insignificance). Also some light rain.

On Friday afternoon, I joined a few other students and went to Bridgeport to help with “Bridgeport Rescue Mission,” which was basically a soup kitchen. The food consisted of a choice of fish or a cheeseburger, some fries, some vegetables, and dessert. I was the dessert guy. Also the new guy. Guess who was the most popular.

It’s a house-type building in which several guys live, and they were served first, after which anyone could come and and get a free meal. First, I was in charge of the cake. Then, it was a tray of random dessert items, such as doughnuts. Then it was cherry pie. Last but not least, muffins. At one point, Rob (who I believe is in charge of managing the kitchen operations), looked at me and said (and this is not verbatim) “Look at this guy, he’s got this kinda look to him, it’s like fire, so it’s hot, but it’s like cold at the same time! It’s like James Dean, like Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is? Heard of him? Well he was cool. You’re like him. You what your color is? It’s lavender. Not purple, not even violet. No. Lavender. Very specific. I can tell.”

Lo and behold, the friend who invited me to come along looked it up, and sure enough, my aura is indeed lavender. Go figure.

Other than that…not much of which to speak. Last night was game night on the 4th floor of Campion (the building where virtually all my friends live, and it also has “Healthy Living,” so no one is allowed to eat peanut products…), so I played some Rock Band. I also tried out “Kinex” for the first time, which is something for the Xbox 360 where all you do is move, rather than use a controller. It’s a neat idea, though I prefer games that use the controller. I suppose I’m old fashioned that way. I’ll be 80 years old and I’ll be asking the young hooligans about videogames, and they’ll laugh at me, because those will be so obsolete. Maybe they’ll be exercising in the future. Who knows.

Easter next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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