Status Update

Well Monday is today. Over the weekend Dad and Andrew visited! We drove around and stuff, and I got a roast beef sandwich out of it (and also seeing family and stuff).

Today was a “meet and greet” for next year’s residential colleges…I am still alone. I need to somehow find 3 roommates next Tuesday.

I’ve been running in the evenings, which may not make sense because it’s sunny during the day…but I’m usually doing things during the day…like eat and go to class. I try to wait to run after I eat. Monday I learned that 2 hours isn’t enough time in between if one has consumed: pizza/fries/a cheeseburger/salad/some sort of pork noodle smörgåsbord.

This week is “Islam awareness week”, so by the end of Friday I will be aware of Islam. Or at least have some Politics extra credit.


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