Yesterday was Saturday, today it is Sunday, and Monday comes afterwards

On Wednesday evening, (for extra credit), I attended an Orthodox Christian service which was in the chapel. Almost no one there was actually an Orthodox Christian, but my English professor had told us that if we were to write about it, we’d get extra credit. She thought my response was funny for some reason and read a sentence to the class. I think it’s a good sign. The service basically consisted of the priest singing things such as “O Lord you make the crops flourish and the rains plentiful,” and just more and more and more singing. Also incense was burned and brought up and down the aisle. That’s pretty much it, there was one reading and I don’t remember what it was.

Thursday…nothing really happened, did some work.I had a steak quesadilla for dinner, and it was tasty.

On Friday evening I went to bed at 6:30pm, and woke up at 7pm. Guess I needed the sleep.

Saturday was the most interesting day however. I went down to the train station and met up with a friend, and he brought 3 friends with whom I was not acquainted. I talked to him a bit, and read some of “Ben Liebt Anna”, which is a German children’s book about a ten year old German who has feelings for a Polish girl who gets made fun of because she doesn’t fit in. I didn’t get very far, but I’m moving along. I was also wearing my Berlin shirt. Anyhow, we went to Grand Central and then took “the shuttle” over to union square, where a spectacular event was taking place: Pillow Fight NYC 2011.

We had brought our own pillows. The four of us (the only girl had left, to do something fashion related or something) made our way over and gazed in awe at the hordes of people (I’d say a thousand, maybe more) hitting each other with pillows. We joined in. Music was being played. Toward the outside of the pillow fight, people just kind of stood around and occasionally bopped each other with pillows very lightly. There were many instances in which some girl would hit me over the head and I would turn around and she would cower away. People were climbing poles. People were sitting on each other’s backs. Some were dual-wielding (a term often used in videogames to describe when a player has one weapon in each hand). One guy and I shared a brief tussle, during which he shouted “You’re wearing a Berlin shirt!” There was a group of guys who were wearing masks, and they looked dressed for war.

My friend had actually been asked in Grand Central where the pillow fight was, by two large gentlemen with pillows at the ready. Nearly everyone at this event looked absurd in some way. At one point I walked by a very cheerful looking man with a pony tail. His sweatshirt said “FREE HUGS,” so naturally I asked for one. He smiled and gave me a hug. Then he started attacking me with his pillow and I let him know that I knew his tricks, and hit him back a bunch of times. On another occasion, one guy yelled “STOP STOP STOP” (and everyone near him stopped), “ok….GO!”…and without warning he attacked.

One young gentleman had some red paint on his face, and was wielding a sword (crafted by the mighty consortium of weapons-dealers known throughout the land as “Nerf”), holding it high in the air, and got people to separate. He split one area of the arena in half, and shouted “1…..2……3….CHARGE!!!!!!” and subsequently everyone charged. There was a guy whose pillow was long, and he whipped it violently (he was rather strong) at his enemies, and in another area, the group of guys wearing masks were replaced by two young hooligans wearing chicken suits.

Later, the 5 of us ate at BonChon and it was absolutely delicious.

After a few of hours hanging around and exploring, we finally got back to Grand Central, and then eventually to Fairfield, and then my friend and I walked back to my dorm. It was late, I was exhausted.

It was a pretty solid day.



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