Fancy Living

Well spring break has come and gone and now it’s back to work.

Last night was an event for current freshman who will be living in Bellarmine Hall next year, which is for the creative life residential college. Apparently, twice as many people applied there as were accepted, and the guy in charge of the building (who I am sure has some sort of name and position and such) told us to consider ourselves “extremely fortunate.”

After having explored the building a little bit, I can see why. It’s nice. The rooms are 4 person suites, each with a bathroom. I don’t know whom I’ll be living with, but I should know within a few weeks. I didn’t get  good look inside any of the rooms, but I did see the common areas, which are nice.

It’s only been in use by students since September, though the stairs already have the usual wear and tear associated with the presence of obnoxious hooligans.

There are three floors, and the vast majority of students live on the second and third floors, whereas the first contains the primary lounge (these are just names I’m inventing by the way), the room in which we were assembled, and the multi-faith worship area. This relatively small room consists of a group of chairs (like pews) facing another side of the room, which is slightly elevated (like an altar), and two identical stained glass windows depicting a waterfall. I wonder what a truly objectively constructed multi-faith room would look like, though I suppose “multi” could refer to just the big 3 (the western monotheisms). I mean, it’s not as if a devout Buddhist can worship is going to find a tree in there, but I guess that’s kind of pointless, because not only is this suburban America (thus having a few pretend Buddhists here and there, but no real ones), but there are also plenty of trees here in America.

What they should really have instead are a bunch of pool tables. You can play pool with anyone, even if that person has nothing in common with you. I bet most wars could have been avoided if the leaders of the warring countries could have played pool together. They probably would have understood that sometimes, you accidentally hit the 8 ball in, and it’s all over. I don’t think that analogy even makes sense.

There are also many creative-type things set up for us next year, which should be fun.




One thought on “Fancy Living

  1. Actually, if world leaders would agree to play pool at Joey’s Cozy Bar in Brighton, MA, there is a belief among [new england] sociologists that not only would future wars be prevented, but that a by-product would be the eradication of trash-talking in the NBA. This would take many years to come to fruition and unfortunately, none of the world leaders play pool.

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