Si Señor

So today is Thursday (and that’s ALL it is…), and I am 3 classes, one paper, and one quiz away from spring break. I plan to utilize my break in order to get things done. Let’s see how that goes.

On Saturday I ran a 5K race on campus, and got 5th place, and got a nice plaque. Sadly, my time was absolutely abysmal. Next time, it won’t be.

I did my radioshow at 5:15-6 yesterday, although I don’t even know if anyone heard it…I do know there were people in the studio before me, and I was not notified about any malfunction due to the Power Outage we had on Saturday night (at least as it related specifically to the radio station).

So anyway: power outage. There’s an article in this week’s Mirror titled: Fairfield U experiences mass blackout, entire campus remembers

Fortunately for me, I was not here. But I’ll get to that. Apparently everyone except those in townhouses (some of the Junior and Seniors) were forced to leave their dorms and go to the campus center. According to both the article, and the stories from the people who were here at that time, it was not fun. However, I also heard that it was an excellent bonding experience. So I suppose it depends who you are. After all, as Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man (which I recently read) claims: “One truth is clear, whatever is, is right.”

Also in this weeks Mirror, was an article about the University’s presidential election. Junior Charlie Knights won, and on the cover of the Mirror is a large picture of him celebrating, with the title: Charlie Knights #Winning. For those of you who have allowed the insufferable magnitude of nonsense that is popular culture to invade your brains, then you must be aware of Charlie Sheen and the media’s fascination with him.  So Charlie Sheen = Charlie Knights, won (the election), and the “#” is supposed to mimic a Twitter post. I’m not gonna lie, it amused me. (How much cocaine did Charlie Sheen do? Enough to kill two and a half men.) Ok enough of that.

I haven’t gotten to the best part of the Mirror yet. There happens to be an article written by some freshman in the opinion section. I heard it’s good.

Anyhow, the reason I was not present on Saturday is because I had gone to New York New York to visit my friend and his friend who was visiting from Colorado. I stayed in my friend’s apartment in Harlem. There were 2 major things that surprised me: a lot of nice cars, and no jazz musicians. Life confuses me.

So yeah, I explored New York, had some Cuban food/sushi, saw a Spanish film (called “Biutiful”, and I think it failed to make the audience sympathize with the characters), and bought clothes (which is to say, my friend picked out clothes for me, and I would say either “yes” or “no” to each choice, until I ended up with an acceptable ensemble).

It was fun. But then I returned, went to classes, and resettled into the stress of homework assignments.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to my to see my friends’ band play (on Tremont Street in Melrose), and relax, and stuff.

[Edit: I showed up to the Y on Tremont Street only to realize that it was at the Main Street Y, and by the time I got there it was over…]


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