Saint Patrick’s Day

As most of y’all are already aware, it is really warm out! So nice weather = T-shirt and shorts weather!

Usually I wear a T-shirt and shorts anyway…but you know it’s warm out when other people do it too.

This is probably the hottest weather that Norway ever gets…just some perspective.

Lots of people on the quad enjoying the sunshine, as well as certain other practices for which the Irish are known…like catching leprechauns! Wait…

I am hard at work on things that probably aren’t really that important. But hey, why not.

My roommate is gone and has taken the fish, and plans on giving some of them away. If he gives away Camulus, this means war (but any of the others can be flushed for all I care…they cannot compare to the greatness that is Camulus).

I’ll be home in about 24 hours!!!


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