Another day another dollar (or I suppose in this case some knowledge)

Well yesterday happened. As all days do. My day began, and I was well-rested, ready to tackle my one, fifty-minute class of the day. I got up around 8:30 and just didn’t do much of anything. This was going swell, and then I decided to go eat some lunch. I had a pretty big lunch, consisting of salad with Golden Italian dressing (I usually switch back and forth between that and the french dressing), some curly fries (they were as delish as any curly fries you and I have ever tasted), some steak tips (they were quite delish also), some rice (although it had a few tiny pieces of spinach in it, it was alright.

Suddenly the digital clock chimed 5 to noon (I am referring to the alarm that sounds in my brain, since naturally digital clocks don’t really chime (just in case you are from a country in which digitcal clocks don’t exist (but the internet still does) and this is something of which you were unaware)), and I was off to CALCULUS. So I went to calc and learned some maths (as they say in Britain, although my teacher is Russian, so I would of course instead say: математик (by the way I started reading my roommate’s Russian textbook (he has dropped the class since Russian is too hard) and it took me about an hour before I realized that the alphabet is too hard. I have not given up though…) Speaking of which I wore my Russian hat (you know, the one I bought in Berlin for 15 Euros) since it’s so cold and according to SOME PEOPLE my Irish cap looks silly on me (lies) so I should wear the Russian hat which is more “fashionable” and “looks better on [my] head.” Although someone else said I was simply adding another hat to my stupid hat collection, so I suppose I’ll just continue doing what I want, as far as fashion choices go.

ANYHOW after calc I did my laundry. I still haven’t put it away. I took a nap, and then it was time for my radio and off I was to the BCC (Barone Campus Center), and right outside WVOF (the room in which radio magic is worked) was a huge gathering of people, in an event called “Does God approve of same-sex marriage?” So I was inside doing the radioshow (I had to walk in front of everyone to get there, but hey, I go where I please, thank you very much), and I played about 4 songs (the last of which was “A Poem by Yeats” beformed by Agalloch, a song of which I am currently particularly fond) before I decided I should definitely see the end of the discussion. My friend had told me that it was interesting (he had his laptop out) and worth hearing/seeing. The panel consisted of 2 professors (1 ethics, 1 Judaism (I believe)), 1 Muslim, 1 Rabbi, a Protestant, and a Catholic. The consensus was that according to everything that God says in the bible, as long as you keep the right perspective, that gay marriage should/must be allowed.

I found the whole thing a bit interesting, since Fairfield is a school that is Jesuit (and thus believes in the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church (which we all know is such a wonderful and flawless authority in moral and ethical issues), and the school is considered one of the least gay-friendly colleges in the country, yet my generation is one that typically does not discriminate against homosexuals (at least in liberal areas like New England). Since the event was optional, the only students who attended were those interesting in such issues, and thus were intelligent, and thus less likely to be homophobic. So of course the atmosphere was that gay marriage shouldn’t be a problem.

After it ended, my friend was talking to someone who was visiting (she has already graduated from Fairfield) and they said they were going out to eat. She offered to bring me along and I accepted. We went to a middle eastern restaurant called Safita. I had “Lamb shawarma”, which was similar to Dönner (I’m pretty sure they used the same sauce as well (which was quite the delish)). After dinner the 3 of us got ice cream. Then we went back and I did some work and hung out in the commuter lounge as people did shenanigans. My friends were painting pictures for no apparent reason. “I’m painting a picture of a pig in a beehive.” I laughed. “This is an old woman and up here is going to be the story of her life and how she was a disappointment.” I laughed harder.

So another day passed, and now it’s today. I have politics and calc today (2 days of математике in  row….yay).

Might try to get a run in.

I really hope the warm weather makes an appearance.

If this were Europe over a thousand years ago, we would be asking Belus/Belenus/Byelobog/Baldr to bring forth the coming of Easter (and with it the Spring, and thus fertility, and harvest, and joy, etc.)

One thought on “Another day another dollar (or I suppose in this case some knowledge)

  1. Might try for more running. It moves the cells around and wakes you up. The food tastes sound interesting. Love, Grandma

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