What’s up with this weather?

It snowed. A lot. Some of you may have memories that allow you to recall this. I don’t know how it’s been in the rest of New England, but it got reaaalllly warm for 2 days, and now back to the cold. Much of the snow melted….and grass appeared!! It was magical…until more snow arrived.

So I am still learning the fine art of discipline…having recorded several quotes concerning motivation/discipline in order to inspire myself….a notecard with binary on it, a quote from my book on Burma (which was so boring I couldn’t get through it), which said: “WITHOUT DISCIPLINE WE WILL ACCOMPLISH NOTHING.” I am not a Burman fighting for freedom. I am an American who is trying to get good grades, and keep some semblance of a schedule. I had a wonderful sleep schedule (in which I’ve been sleeping at night!), and that changed this weekend, thanks to procrastination and a book review and my autobiography.

On St. Patrick’s day Fairfield is having its annual 4 mile race, and the Fairfield running club will be participating!!! My goal isn’t going to be anything special, since I’m not used to this race distance and I  haven’t been running every day.

Last Wednesday during the time which I usually would have dedicated to my radio show, there was a discussion on the politics of the middle east. My politics teacher was one of the participants. She is interesting because she is originally from South Korea, and attended university there in the late 1980’s, during which time there was strict authoritarian control. She told us that each classroom has a spy to ensure that no one said or did anything to oppose the regime, and then another spy was there in order to spy on the spy. “You need spy to spy on spy” she told us. Her language is an odd mixture of advanced vocabulary and poor grammatical usage.

Which brings me to the other thing(s) which occurred last Wednesday: I had written an article for the student newspaper, called THE MIRROR. I wrote an opinion article concerning the role of the media in Egypt, and in the world in general. I mentioned Anderson Cooper getting attacked (since the email I had received had used that to spark the question: “What should our media be allowed to do?” I basically wrote about how the media is a product that is sold, and that the quality of journalism will make all the difference. A woman at the Middle East event mentioned how the important news isn’t really getting to people, mentioning that the Anderson Cooper drama was not news at all. I slouched in my a little bit after that.

AFTER that event which quite honestly wasn’t that interesting (my politics professor’s email had promised extra credit…I don’t think I got any), my friend and I went to Socrates Café. The topic for the evening was whether robots could ever be intelligent in the way that humans are. This was almost identical to the one we had in December, yet the point this time was that we watched the Jeopardy episode which pitted the “super-computer”, Watson, against two humans. Watson won.

We had a very long discussion afterwards, about a world with advanced technology and such. I argued that technology such as computers often reduces our spiritual connection with the world, reducing the feeling of accomplishment fr having done something, if we rely on machines to do them for us. I also mentioned something I’d read on a blog, which I remember was also echoed by Cliff: that computers were invented to save time. But instead of working for just 4 hours a day, people have switched to working more hours, sitting in front of a screen, and commuting to a home that is an hour away.

And finally, to be completely hypocritical, I am going to upload an image I found on google maps:

58 Hohensasel, Sasel, Hamburg. This is the Riegel household, where I stayed while in I was in Germany. I believe it is one of the few houses on that street (or indeed the entire country) that is not white. Also all the houses have gates. The front door is to the right of the garage door, and it opens out to the driveway. It’s peculiar how even though it’s a suburb, it manages to maintain a sense of peacefulness. There are a lot of trees, and the area is totally flat, unless one were to turn the other direction and walk down the street towards the park where I went on my run and saw a deer. I think this photo makes it look as if the front yard is big, but it’s really not. The back yard is decent sized though.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

Here are some more pics I recently found with the help of our computer overlords:


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