Second Semester – 3 weeks

So last night the freshman class had lasertag. There was only one problem: only 2 teams of 5 at a time, and the winning team stayed on until they lost. So the lines were enormous. So instead, a few friends and I went and played taboo, which I had previously not known how to play. I didn’t do so well. One of my cards said: “Janitor”, so I looked over at my friend and said: “This is what you’ll probably do after you graduate. Also they use a mop.” Someone got it in 2 seconds. “Mongrel” was a little more difficult.I ended up collapsing out of tiredness and slept from midnight to 7:30am. It was the most normal night of sleep I’ve had since being in Melrose.

Brunch is served from 11-4 on Saturdays and Sundays..convenient for the staff…bad for me, who got up so early…

I was in religion class on Friday afternoon, and my professor had worn pajamas that day. This is however, entirely irrelevant to the rest of the story. We were discussing God, and how most people believe that God fits at the top of a pyramid. So at the bottom would be “rocks”, then would be “plants”, then the Kardashians, then chihuahuas, then people, then Justin Bieber, and then God. He said the problem with this was that God would have to be outside the pyramid in the first place. Then he explained how fundamentalism is a relatively new concept, which is defined by religious group (usually Christianity and Islam) claiming to have absolute knowledge of God and what he wants. The bible therefore merely provided explanations for things happening in the world, and its contradictions  were the result of different ways of thinking and worshiping through the centuries. My question to the professor was: “If God is unknowable, then why even think about it?”, to which he didn’t give  straight answer. Guess I’ll find out later.

No offense to the Winter Warlock, but I’m hopeful that the snow starts to melt soon.


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