Snnoooowwww Daaayyyyyyyy

Classes are going well. My calculus teacher is a lot better than the one I had last semester.

It’s been snowing. So far, for various reasons (including but not limited to snow), class has been canceled 3 times for me. They think they can cheat me out of an education, well, we’ll see about that.

My roommate and I are now the proud owners of SEVEN BETA FISH. We won them in a series of games in the Barone Cmpus Center (BCC). I have named them: Ain, Camulus, Belenus, Much, and Nemon (5 of them are mine). They are Irish names for Phonetician Gods. My roommate’s fish’s name is Roxas, and another fish is yet unnamed. Needless to say, I won several games of connect 4 in order to get all those tickets (which were required for the fish). I am told that if you put 2 beta fish together, they fight and kill each other. The girls who gave me the fish ((volunteers for “Fish Frenzy! Win a free fish!”) emphasis on the word “a” was somehow lost on me, but they said “take as many as you want”, so I ended up taking the 5 I had earned) made me promise I wasn’t going to do anything cruel to the fish. I am probably going to make them fight someday. My bet is on Camulus. As my friend remarked when I wondered if they were male or female (by the way, I have since learned that they are all male); “He’s gotta be a male. I mean, look at those calf-muscles!” Camulus is blue, so naturally he is my favorite.

On Monday, I had L.E.A.D., which is where a bunch of people who want their resumés to look fancy sit in a circle and do activities that help us define what leadership means. For a while, a question was asked, and we would go around the room saying a quick answer. “If you were Fairfield president, what would you do?” My answer was “build a castle”. I wanted to add; “…with a hot tub!”, but I didn’t think of it in time. There are 24 of use in the group. There are 6 guys. I’m bad at remembering girls’ names, so this will be difficult.


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