Finals Week

Finals approach….(shudder)

Oh wait…I already did my German final, which consisted of a presentation and essay on the film “Der Untergang”.

English is a 6-8 min presentation on essays I’ve been writing (so in other words…easy).

Calc? It’s tomorrow…. going to be studying most of today in order to prepare (study groups!!!!)

Printmaking? I just show the professor my work. Shouldn’t be too bad. We each have a responsibility to clean up a certain part of the rooms though…..(sigh)

Physics…I actually have a test on this, this afternoon. We had a study group last night, so I will maybe do an excellent job I hope.

For the past few days (it ended last night thankfully), the cafeteria had been playing the song “Mmmbop” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……The plan was to get people to donate money in order to “stop the song”, so they could raise money to send people to help victims in New Orleans. My friend was so fed up with the music that he took a few dirty plates and such, walked up to the donation table, dropped the stuff there, and….said a few things. He was angry. Some people love the song though…so I doubt they actually raised the $1,000 they were looking for.

Yesterday evening, a group of students (not sure if it was glee, or what) sang Christmas carols in the campus center. They did a good job.


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