Absolutely nothing interesting has happened since Saturday.

I’m still learning about stuff. I ordered a pizza last night. It was delish.

Someone lent me a book called “The Art of Thinking”. I have slowly been reading it.

I’m also currently reading Nietzsche’s “Der Antichrist”.

Last night I watched the German film “Der Baader Meinhof Komplex”, which is about the Anti-American bombings and robberies that took place in Germany in the 1970’s. Basically a bunch of 20-something year old’s (calling themselves the RAF, or “Red Army Faction (Rote Armee Faktion)) train to become terrorists and then blow things up in the name of communism. So they’re basically a bunch of idiots. According to something I read, Jean-Paul Sarte, who interviewed Andreas Baader, agrees. I watched “Downfall” recently, which takes place in Berlin in the final days of WWII. Hitler, Eve, Göbbels, Frau Göbbels, and a cast of other wonderful people get attacked by Russians. I watched it twice, and will present on it for my German class for my final.

All-you-can-eat Chinese food on Saturday evening.

I may actually go to church (voluntarily?) on Sunday morning. Someone managed to convince me that it’s fun. I’ll give it one chance.




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