Freshman Fall

It’s mid November and people are now looking forward to Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday I went to go sign up for my courses for next semester, and I have to find out a few things, but it seems like it’s going to be: English, Probability and Statistics, German, History, and Religion (with a specific religious category to be named later; hopefully Sorcery & Mysticism). My adviser was excellent, and before meeting him, I looked up his credentials on, to find that he has authored several books, and upon looking one up on amazon, while the average review was excellent, someone with the last name “Driscoll” gave the book a horrible review…fortunately this didn’t negatively affect the meeting…I think.

Later that day I did my radio show, after which a speaker came to the Barone Campus Center. Now, generally speaking, no one ever goes to listen to these speakers. Even when the coveted FYE CREDIT (required to pass “First Year Experience”) is given, fewer than 10 people usually go. But this time, there were probably 200 of us. The speaker was Frank Meeink, a former Skinhead, author of the book “From Hatred to Harmony”. He talked about his experience with the Neo-Nazi movement, and his group; The Aryan Brotherhood. He is half-Italian, grew up in an Irish-Ctholic neighborhood, then switched from living with his mother and abusive stepfather, to his drug-dealer father. He was then at a mostly black school, where he witnessed a white friend get beaten and robbed. He then lived with his cousin who had become a skinhead, and after getting into a fight at a concert, and making someone fear him, he decided to join. So he goes on to talk about going to prison, then being transferred to a mental hospital, where he escaped and lived in a hideout. Eventually he decides to leave the movement, after having several experiences that showed him how pointless the Skinhead movement really was/is. He then answered questions, and then people swiped for FYE credit. Afterward people left, and I found him strolling around drinking coffee. So I introduced myself and talked to him for about 10 minutes. He invited me to contact him, so I later sent him an email (to which he has yet to respond), asking about non-violent methods of separating cultures/races (as even he said that people generally don’t like other groups), and I cited a few examples in history in which racial issues have either been solved, or lead to disaster. I hope he responds, as his experience should make his answer very interesting.

On Friday afternoon there was “Freshman Fall Fest”. One of the activities there was dodgeball, and I had signed up me and a group of friends as a team. Our team name was: “The Thunder Apaches” and we did pretty terribly. At the beginning, we were supposed to run out and grab one of the balls, and as I did, I accidentally knocked over the girl on the other side, moving over the line in the process. So that was rather embarrassing but I didn’t care that much. Our team (other than me and one other guy) looked comical. One guy had his shorts (which were long), pulled up as far as they could go, and tied so they wouldn’t fall. One guy had those shoes in which one can see the individual toes (so they’re actually very very durable socks), and the last guy had jeans. My long hair kept getting in my face, which I maybe should have thought of beforehand. My college friends said they can’t image how I would look with short hair…so that’ll be interesting when I eventually cut it short for good.

In addition to dodgeball, there was HUMAN FOOSEBALL. We entered  an inflated arena), and strapped ourselves to belts which were connected to the sides. We then tried to kick a soccer ball into the opposing goal. After winning, I received a free T-shirt.

Last night I and 4 others ended up ordering pizza and playing videogames in a friends’ room (specifically: Super Smash Bro.’s: Brawl). I had thought MY room was messy…I literally could not  walk anywhere without stepping on clothes or boxes or debris of some kind.

Tonight, after having done some work, Some friends and I watched Toy Story 3 (Highly recommended, although the first will always be the best), which brings me to the present. We’re watching The Exorcist, which as one can imagine, is a great transition from Toy Story 3…Apparently the guy in charge of the Fairfield film department (I don’t know his exact title, but he teaches many film courses) has a cameo in the movie, and we’re all trying to find it. I doubt we will…

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is the day everyone does all theuir homework. In photo we’re making kallitypes, which are essentially just cyanotypes, except that these are brown, and take only a few seconds of UV exposure to be made. But they need a lot more time to develop in water, so it ends up begin the same. I received an A on my last photo series, so I was pleased with that. Let’s hope my calculus and physics teachers appreciate my creative answers just as much…




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