Almost but not quite…Two months! At Fairfield

Well, a few things have happened in the past…while. On Saturday my photography and Printmaking. The printmaking class went into New York City to see a place called “The Center for Alternative Photography”. We listened to a lecture from a guy named Jeffrey who talked about the “Pictorialism Movement” and how it strives to bring back old types of photography (as opposed to digital), for artistic purposes. They have a machine there which can take a digital photo and turn it into a giant traditional photograph. It costs $10,000 just to maintain. We visited three art galleries of photographs. The second gallery was rediculous; most of the artwork just looked as though someone had spilled some ink on paper. One of the pieces was just a white piece of paper with a thin black line on the left edge. It would cost thousands of dollars to purchase. And I’m supposed to write 4-5 pages on something like this…

My family visited that day, and I was supposed to return to Fairfield around 3:07…but I didn’t actually end up leaving Grand Central until after 5. And then, the train had “technical difficulties”, so we had to go back and take a different train. I got back at 7pm. The five of us had dinner at a restaurant. I forget what it’s called, but it had “steakhouse” in the title.

So in photo class, we’re working on a series of photographs and slides. We take small flat objects or substances and make them into slides, some of which may be turned into a photograph, using a machine that can now only be found on Ebay. As with my cyanotypes, my series will probably be based on “ghostly images”, or something similar.

Physics…we don’t do much. Although I now finally understand how rainbows work.

Math…could be better. Working on it.

In German we’ve been watching films, most recently: “Die Brücke” (The Bridge), about 6 14/15 year old boys during World War II who have to fight to defend a bridge from the Americans. Of course they lose, so for them it’s a pretty sad story. Now we have to watch “Angst Essen Seele Auf” (Fear Eats the Soul (with a purposely mis-conjugated verb(due to the fact that one of the main characters is Turkish and cannot speak German too well))), which touches on the topic of Turkish immigration in Germany. This issue is often compared to Mexican immigration in the U.S.

Which brings me to English. I’m doing a project on the Islamization of the Netherlands, and my english teacher has finally figured out that perhaps maybe, I do in fact know how to write essays. Halfway through the semester…not too bad.

My friend Henry told me “Merry Christmas” last week while we were playing pool (I’m improving), noting that he’s from Orlando, so the current weather is like Christmas for him. Not much else going on. There’s a concert this Friday but I’m not going. Everyone’s excited about Halloween…I thought I was in college…although 2 weeks ago my friends and I did play “The Floor is Lava” as we were leaving the cafeteria, which means we had to climb on chairs in order to leave. When one of the cleaning lady’s saw me climbing on a table, she told us to cut it out. The scene was made more amusing by the fact that we had chosen to dress up for this particular meal. So we were looking particularly fancy as we climbed on chairs and tables like children.

I ordered a pennywhistle last week and it arrived today. I haven’t figured out yet how to play it well, but I’ll figure it out by Thanksgiving…I hope.


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