Yup. Still October.

Many people are going home for the long weekend. I am not. I’ll be seeing Ashley’s diving meet here (naturally I’ll cheer her on, but will be of course rooting for Fairfield to win).

Last night my friends and I were watching a movie in the Kitchen Lounge in my hall. Then this guy walked in and started eating our food. He introduced himself as Frank, and proceeded to steal my club crackers. So I say “Hey Frank, how about you give me back my club crackers?” He ignored me and left. His female friend seemed to be embarrassed by his rude behavior, and soon returned the crackers back to me. Then another guy walked in and said; “Hey, do you know when you guys are gonna be out of here. Cause we don’t want to interrupt, but we wanna come in here.” We politely told him that we were watching a movie (it was Pan’s Labyrinth. I didn’t have a ton of interest but I just wanted to hang out with people), and that it would end in about an hour and a half. He said ok, and then left. So then he returns 6 minutes later, asking the same exact question: “Hey, do you guys know when the movie will be over?” My friend then says: “Ummm, let’s see…STILL AN HOUR AND A HALF.” So the other guy is all like: “Hey man, why you rasin’ your voice?”. My friend responds: “I’m not, this is how you’re talking” (He was correct by the way). So then a crowd of obnoxious people came in and started yelling at my friend (who was doing pretty much all the talking because he is the most fearsome). Frank was among them, and was rather…upset. Finally my RA came in, and the other 3 didn’t know him because they live in other buildings. He wasn’t wearing a shirt for some reason (he’s on the XC team, so that’s probably why). He convinced us to leave “for our safety”. My friend was disappointed in my RA’s lack of assertiveness.

We were leaving and as we left, he yelled to my RA that he’s “Just as pathetic as they are”. However Frank interpreted this as an attack on him and tried to chase after us but fortunately other people stopped him. We watched the rest of the movie in a friend’s dorm. It was bizarre. It’s also all in Spanish, with English subtitles.

There is a cat outside right now…and that’ll do it for the time being.


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