It’s October

I don’t know if this still happens, but I have these 2 friends who are roommates and they are in a triple. The third guy is named Spencer…and apparently he isn’t as “chill” as they are. For example, one of them wanted to borrow Spencer’s popcorn bowl, and he says: “ok…but you better clean it!”. So because the two of them never are with Spencer voluntarily, whenever one of them sees him, they say: “Spencer!”, and they get a point. I don’t think anyone is winning.

We had our presidential ball last night from 8-12. It was fun. Dancing is not something for which I am destined, it would seem.

I have been getting better at pool. We have 2 pool tables in the corner of the Lower Level Barone Campus Center (llbcc), as well as one ping-pong table. This area is a popular place for my friends and I to be. Another is the Campus Ministry Lounge (or “C-Min”). The great thing is that places will deliver food to your dorm. So yes…I’ve been eating fattening foods..fortunately I haven’t forgotten the importance of an apple a day. And running….gotta do that sometime.

My friends are great for the most part…if nothing else they are extremely bizarre…just like home I guess.


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