Almost but not quite…a month

So I’ve been here for about 4 weeks. I haven’t learned the meaning of the universe yet, but I guess that’s something that comes gradually with college. I’m still hanging out with a bunch of film majors. I still eat right, do my homework, and all that good stuff. I’ve learned that leaving your door open while playing guitar gets you a lot of visitors, and that having to use public bathrooms all the time is…less than desirable.

My classes (English, calculus, German, photography and printmaking, and physics of light and color) are going all right mostly. Today I thought my Stagcard was stolen, and then reported this to The Department of Public Safety. Then they called me and told me to check my laundry. Stagcard = found (although I still need to use the replacement they gave me this afternoon until Monday at noon). Also, despite my fancy vocabulary and my witty nature, my English teacher thinks that I am an idiot who needs to have a chat with the dean. This is because I never realized that she was collecting our essays, seeing as she said it would be counted as “just a writing practice”. Last year that meant it didn’t count at all, but I guess somehow it doesn’t anymore. When I failed to produce it, she decided to put me on her “list”. Needless to say, this is completely ridiculous, and I’m certain I will find the course exceptionally easy. But I am looking forward to my discussion with the dean. Hopefully once I’ve convinced him of my willingness to learn, we can turn the discussion to something else. I really hope he either plays video games, is a runner, or is a fan of the bagpipes, because otherwise the conversation will turn bad for me, very quickly.

That’s it for now, I’ll post in the future if I have anything else interesting to say.

Have a great day now!


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