First Two Weeks

It’s been 2 weeks here at Fairfield since classes began. I have 6 classes, one of which is FYE (First Year Experience), which is pointless. I take photo/printmaking, which has been mostly reading so far, but on Monday we went to the beach and lay down on this cloth-type thing and let the sun print our images into it. We had to wash it in the ocean, and in some sort of chemical, and then in the ocean again. It looks pretty. Next there’s physics. I don’t have much to say about it yet, other than it is science-y. Next is German Film and Cinema. We’ve watched 3 films so far, “Das Cabinett des Doktor Caligari”, “Metropolis” and “Der Blaue Engel”. None of these are incredibly  interesting to me, and I haven’t learned too much German, but since “Der Blaue Engel” is in German with no subtitles, that’s about to change. [Quick change of subject-my RA just walked down the hall shouting “It’s 11:11 make a wish!” He’s a funny kid. Now it’s 11:12. There’s always tomorrow.] Next is English, which I must say, is the least challenging course ever. A few weeks ago, I would not have believed it if someone told me my ART class would be much more demanding than my ENGLISH class (which is still not much). It’s understandable when a foreigner says something like; “They is here” rather than “They are here”, but one has to wonder when an American says it that way…Anyway, finally there’s calculus. It’s a mixture of things I understand and things I do not, but as long as I look in the textbook for help I should do well (the teacher seems unenthusiastic, and has a deep droning voice. He also usually misinterprets student’s questions).  Today my FYE teacher/leader told us that colleges usually don’t care too much about our freshmen/sophomore grades as they do about our junior/senior grades…way to motivate us.

Today I attended a TRACK CLUB meeting which has several enthusiastic members who want to gather more people. I have democratically elected myself the leader. I love totalitarianism (I mean democracy). So just from that meeting I met some more friends. I also started my radio show today, which is every Wednesday at 5pm. I just play music, and talk about it briefly.


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