Fairfield University Continued

It’s been 8 days here at FU (7 full days this far), and the coursework is already piling up. Actually I’m just kidding, I haven’t really had much homework. I was assigned an English paper, but this professor emailed my class telling us we didn’t actually have to do it. I also have had Calculus, and we were assigned 16 problems, which the professor told us are easy. They’re not too bad. For German, we had to watch a move from 1920, called “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari” (which is silent, with English text).

Friday we had an activity fair, to sign up for clubs. I signed up for around 12 clubs, including German club, Asian studies, model UN, Anime club, Tennis club, TV, Radio, and the Mirror (newpaper). I might participate in 3-4 of these. I also spoke with a guy who may supposedly be in charge of a running group.

Other than that, I’ve been hanging around with people, playing frisbee, watching movies, eating large amounts of food, etc. On Saturday I went to Stamford.


One thought on “Fairfield University Continued

  1. So far, sounds like you are having a pleasant time. Not too tough for starters. You will be busy with all those clubs !! It will be hard to find time to do your assignments — unless more professors decide you all don’t have to do them !! It sure was a beautiful weekend — whatever you were doing !! Love, Grandma

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