Fairfield University

So here I am in college…lots of things going on. I’ve met some people, and we’ve done things together. Mostly eating, doing nothing, and today, watching episodes of Invader Zim (a cartoon that was on Nickelodeon 10 or so years ago that was deemed inappropriate for young children(lies)).  I went into the town of Fairfield a total of 3 times thus far. I met a few students from other countries, including (but not limited to), a guy from the Netherlands, two people from Zimbabwe, and a girl who was born in Poland. Yesterday I was in town and the Netherlands guy and I went to get something to drink (it’s been very hot here, like most of the northeast), but it was a wine selling place, and no one can purchase anything, even cups, unless they have an over-21 ID. I’ve had 2 classes so far, which are my clusters: Photography and Printmaking, and The Physics of Light and Color. The physics professor can be difficult to understand, seeing as he is Chinese and his English is less than perfect phonetically. The students for those 2 classes consist of the same 11 people. So what the 2 professors have decided to do is to combine the two courses so that we wouldn’t have to leave to go to a different class after the first is over. For example, on most Mondays, I will have 2.5 hours of Photo and Print, and then 2.5 hours of physics of physics. I hope it won’t be too painful…the physics professor, Mr. Xu, said participation is the key, so maybe if I really understand it I won’t be too bored. We weren’t given any physics homework, so none until next week. But I we ARE required to write a review/critique of a photograph that will be on display for the next week and a half. Doesn’t seem too hard; simply say what I think the meaning behind it is. I’m going to wait until Hurricane Earl gets here so I can think more clearly, and get to running. There’s an activity fair tomorrow, so that’ll be very useful. I’m also considering getting a radio show. I don’t know what I would do exactly…but I have ideas. That’s all for now, turn back in sometime within the next week.

3 thoughts on “Fairfield University

  1. Good to hear your news. Appreciate your mother sending the blog. Nice to hear and to try to envisage you going about your activities and into town. Getting to run some might be a boost – run some for me since I have a hard time WALKING !!! love, Grandma

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