Friday at school we learned to sing a German song called “Junimond”. Next we were interviewed by 8th grade English students. We also learned about climate change (zzzz….), and then about “America’s image in Deutschland”. This last class was the best, because we had a discussion rather than a lecture.

This weekend there was a party for one of the girls in Lars’ class, and the next day some of us went to the beach to see a friend who we knew from MHS last year. We went to a “beach club” where you simpy lie on chairs on the sand overlooking the Elbe and do nothing. People were protesting the use of nuclear energy, clapping in unison and shouting. I am told however, that this is pointless, because the alternative (which is the use of coal as energy) would be much more damaging to the environment.

TODAY 8 of us went to Heide Park, which is a big amusement park. We were very lucky to have perfect weather, and minimal lines. They have the biggest wooden roller coaster in  Europe, called Colosus, with a 61 degree drop. I was rather afraid. We went on some slower rides as well. Then we came back. This week we prepare for Melrose night.


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